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Our Packaging

We Serve Your Snacks In Varieties

Individual Snack Boxes

Pick your preferred healthy snacks and pack in a box to send over your address

Bulk Snack Cases

Order our freshly roasted nuts in volume to fit any of your event purposes

Private Label Cases

Create your own custom label and let us back you up with all the production and packaging


Order our freshly roasted nuts in volume and we deliver to you.

MOQ: 10 Carton/Cartons (Min. Order)
Weight: 20-25KG/box

Business Type

If you are from snack makers, ready-made food industry or manufacturing built in food ingredients, let grab your order from us. 


Create your own custom label and let us back you up with all the production and packaging.

Business Type:
F&B Business/Retailer/Trading Company

If you are ready to kick start a healthy snack food business, Fresh Bulk offers you the quickest & easiest ways to turn your business profitable. We help our customer to reduce the time & efforts spent in customize service packages. Come and grab our 100% freshly made snacks.


Pain Points

You May Be Experiencing These Now

Low Quality Nuts

Received products with defects and lots of broken pieces

Expiry Date

Received goods that have a short shelf life

Long Lead Time

Delay in order processing and unable to deliver the products at the promised deadline

After Sales Support

Unable find the support needed after purchase

Yummy and Healthy

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We have a variety of wholesale mixed nuts and seeds and dried fruits available

Dried Fruits
Nuts & Seeds

Why Choose Us

Grab Your Happy Snacking Hours With Us

Tell you a secret why our products are handpicked from thousand of suppliers

Freshly Roasted Nuts

All of our nuts are freshly roasted from our ovens upon order and are packaged straight away immediately to ensure the freshest products.

Fast Delivery Service

We ensure that the roasting and delivery process is completed within 5-7 days or faster, depending on the number of bulks ordered.

Competitive Pricing

All our wholesale nuts, seeds, and beans are sold at a competitive price to allow a negotiatable margins for you with to all your wholesalers, retailers, and distributors.

Quality Control Inspected

Before delivery, our team will carefully inspect and double-check all the packaging and boxes to ensure they are in good shape, well, and tightly sealed, so that it is safely delivered to you.

Make Your Recurring Order With Better Deal

We love to encourage people to live out a healthy lifestyle and we believe you will enjoy the mix and match recipes made by our healthy snacks everyday. Let us discuss further on the recurring delivery schedule and we offer you a better rate in return.

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Our Story

About Fresh Bulk

We started our business in Malaysia and pride ourselves on being the best wholesaling of nuts and seeds, dried fruits and healthy snacks across Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia over the past 5 years. Today, we proud to tell you more our capabilities as a strategic partner to provide you an end-to-end supply chain support.

True to its name, freshness is Fresh Bulk's forte. Let us walkthough our brand's journey with you.

8, Jalan Bougainvillea A/3, Bandar Seri Botani, 31350 Ipoh, Perak.

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Who We Are

Brand Story

Fresh Bulk: Building a healthy, honest snack business based on fresh-roasted nuts

Fresh Bulk marks its six-year anniversary in 2022, a tribute to its resilience and a testament to its offerings, which span its own-roasted nuts to trail mixes, dried fruits, cookies and spreads.

Celine and Nick started Fresh Bulk in 2016 as a trader of healthy snacks, packaging and selling ingredients. But Celine sought to do more - she wanted Fresh Bulk to have its own signature product that customers would keep returning for.

That turned out to be Fresh Bulk's nuts, roasted at its headquarters in Ipoh.

True to its name, freshness is Fresh Bulk's forte. 

Fresh Bulk meticulously selects the best raw nuts - for example, almonds are brought in whole and unbroken from California, boasting a more intense nuttiness than commercial almonds.

After their Californian-sourced almonds acquired a fan base, Celine and Nick had the confidence to start roasting other nuts, including macadamias from Australia, hazelnuts from Turkey, plus peanuts, pecans, cashews and walnuts.

If Fresh Bulk ever receives a shipment of raw nuts that aren't fresh enough, aren't large enough or are damaged in any way, they won't be roasted. 

The Fresh Bulk family has expanded too, with Nick overseeing a larger operations team, ensuring everything is packaged and sent to customers efficiently. He also handles product R&D, with Fresh Bulk constantly releasing new treats like garlic nuts, made with real garlic, while Celine is responsible for quality control, sales management and market research.

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